Sprinkles For Breakfast – Food Photography Courses!

This is Lindsay Nathanson but you can also call her the Sprinkle Queen!
She runs a dessert blog called Sprinkles for Breakfast (she really love sprinkles). Lindsay started her blog in 2012 and since then, she has mastered the art of grabbing one’s attention through food photography. There is nothing better than having someone stop in their tracks (or scrolls) to drool over a photo. In fact, it is essential in today’s world to have incredible looking photos of our products.
So in 2018 Lindsay started teaching others how to take their own stunning food photos! The Sprinkle Academy was born! 

Many bakers of today know how to make delicious and beautiful looking food- BUT THERE’S A HUGE PROBLEM…

The problem is… No matter how many shots they take of their food they do NOT have the photography skills to match their skills in the kitchen and it always seems to look better in real life, than it does in the -ultra important- food photo. 

They’re wasting time taking the same unappealing photos and 

NOT getting noticed by big brands, clients, or new Instagram followers.

IT’S FRUSTRATING!!! And what’s even worse, is they have ZERO idea where to start when it comes to making their food photos better.

With all the confusing and expensive sounding info online, learning food photography can be so very overwhelming.

But Lindsay is going to let you in on a little secret

Taking drool worthy pictures AND getting noticed on social media is NOT as hard as you think. The reality is, everyone can create professional looking photos of their food right in their own home (even if they just have their phone). 

You just have to know how to set up your shots! Lindsay has helped thousands of students transform their food photos and create magazine worthy images right in their own home with her……

Food Photography Starter Pack!


Imagine what it would do for your business or blog if you could….

  ​Know EXACTLY where to place the food and props in your photos and end up with magazine-worthy photos of everything you make 

  FEEL EXCITED to pick up your camera or phone—instead of looking at the whole photography part as a chore

  EASILY introduce a new product or post a blog—and actually get people’s eyeballs on it!

  Show off your photos with CONFIDENCE instead of being embarrassed when you go to show a new client your past work 

  Team up with top brands who love your photos and slide into your DM’s with big offers ($$$) on the table

  Get to CELEBRATE your success because your food photos are bringing in business

Here at Community Bakers we want to help the home baker whether you are struggling with your income, consistency in your business or depending on unreliable word of mouth and personal referrals (of not so ideal clients) to grow your business. Don’t do that! Let us help take you to the next level with amazing food photography taught by Lindsay at Sprinkles for Breakfst!