My mom always said… Cold Hands, warm heart…hot lips. Well forget that.. it’s Hot Hands all the way! Have you somehow not had your hands on Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate? Well consider this your public service announcement…it’s time!
Hot Hands, @hothandsmc (on Instagram), is so easy to work with and takes sugar sculptures to another level. If you work with fondant but have feared modeling chocolate…fear no more. Just work it a bit with the heat if your hands and the artistic possibilities are endless. There is a reason you have seen the pros use it. It’s just that good….. Hands down!
Hot Hands Modeling chocolate is supposed to be hard in the packaging, to make your modeling chocolate pliable, break off a desired amount, and either knead it in the warmth of your hands until it becomes pliable, or put it in the microwave in 5 second intervals (depending on your own microwave power) until it softens ever so slightly, you can then knead it. Do not overheat.

Hot Hands is a great trick to use to panel your cake! It gets you sharp edges super fast and you have a deliciously wrapped cake. Simply roll it out, panel your cake as you would with fondant, but you can blend your seam completely with Hot Hands, and trim your perfect sharp edge in mere minutes. It adds a yummy flavor of white chocolate with a hint of vanilla to any cake.  You can also panel your cake by mixing Hot Hands with fondant, as well as mix it with fondant and use the over top method, it improves taste and texture as well as allows you a longer work time. the result is a flawless satiny look with delicious taste. Currently Hot Hands comes in; Classic-White, and Dark Chocolate Cocoa, Christmas Red, Black, Sand Diego, Green, Pacific Blue, Sunny Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Navy. 

We are so excited to feature Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate as our February Vendor of the Month! Check out there website for more info and to purchase: