The Home Baking


Creating that special moment is our passion.

Sugar Has Become


You have seen the reality shows and competitions on TV.
Sugar has become Art.
That in itself is Revolutionary and the world has fallen in love with baking on a whole new level.

Home Baking


Beginning in 2011, states passed cottage food laws allowing bakers to operate businesses directly from their homes.
This opened up a brand new channel for you to get something local with a personal focus just like grandma used to make.

Each confectionery artist/cottage baker must meet their state requirements for licensing and food safety.
Want to know more about cottage food laws?

Custom Creations


At your next event, bring something special and created just for you by artisans dedicated to their craft. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, business event or just a night out (or even a night in), we are here to connect you with baker right in your own neighborhood.

So what are you waiting for?

Who Are We?

Hi my name is Jennifer Hardman aka Custom Baker. As a home (cottage) baker myself, I quickly realized it was time for home bakers to step into the spotlight and consumers needed an easy way to find us! I am so pleased to be launching to do exactly that with plans for more! Being a home baker, I am ever grateful for the "sweet" moments I have the honor to create.
Don't be mistaken, there is a heck of a team here at Community Bakers and we are thrilled to be a small part in creating these memorable moments for you.
We are also excited to keep finding ways to help this revolution and the amazing bakers behind it!