Community Bakers’ August 2021 Product of the Month is the Screen Genie by our friend The Creative Cookier. We couldn’t be more thrilled, plus it’s the 7-year anniversary of when the Creative Cookie brought you the beloved Stencil Genie!

How did we function before? The Creative Cookier is now bringing you an add-on tool that will take those airbrushed cookies seriously to the next level. It’s ready to solve your problems when airbrushing AND scraping with icing!

Designed for use with the Stencil Genie, the new add-on reduces any underspray or icing going under the stencil. Get ready for crisp lines like never before!

Plus, to celebrate the anniversary of the Screen Genie, The Creative Cookier made us the special code “CB20” for 20% off the amazing new Screen Genie for the whole month of August at!

Join us in saying Happy 7th Birthday to the Stencil Genie and the ingenious Ginny Levack that started it all!