Meet the Team behind Screen & Stencil Genie!

Meet one Revolutionary Team — the faces behind the beloved Stencil Genie and line of Genie products from Creative Cookier, Ginny and Doug Levack!
As the Creative Cookier, Ginny realized seven years ago she needed a tool that could hold a stencil in the perfect place. Frustrated by not finding this type of product on the market, she did what any ingenious baker would do…she created it herself!
Ginny humbly calls herself the queen of hairbrained ideas, and as luck would have it, she married a man who can put them into reality.

Doug and Ginny had to take some serious risks to get here, but she says the success of the Stencil Genie opened the doors for them to keep creating new products like the wildly popular meringue powder, airbrush and more. They also graciously opened their home time and time again to cookiers of all levels with a fun packed, instructor led decorating retreat that absolutely upped your cookie game. Not just successful ,but they both are as warm and down to earth can be!

As an entrepreneur, Ginny is a role model and embodies so much of the Home Baking Revolution spirit. A spirit that includes not just home baking artists rising to the challenge but also those taking an innovative idea and running with it. Ginny says if you would have told her seven years ago she would have this fantastic and successful company, she would have thought you were crazy…well cheers to crazy! Join us in saying happy seven years to the Stencil Genie… and the next hairbrained idea to come!
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