Meet More Than Cake!

Meet something and someone revolutionary… A Royal Mix! What? Royal icing made easy, you say? Yep, EXACTLY that! Created by Jacquie Curtis at More Than Cake, the Virginia-based company has stirred up the decorating world with their Royal Mix icing.

It all began in 2003 when Jacquie was teaching a Wilton Cake Decorating Class, and through the years her students continually had one disappointment. The taste of fondant! Fondant is costly and should not be just peeled off and thrown away. Those conversations would inspire Jacquie to create one of the most innovative cake-decorating products – Perfect Palate.

After researching various flavorings and being frustrated that liquid flavors just caused a sticky mess, Jacquie collaborated with an American company to create her brand. A few months later, this yielded More That Cake’s first powdered flavoring.

Today More Than Cake offers 4 unique product lines. PERFECT PALATE which consists of more than 30 delicious flavors, EDIBLE PETALS floral scents to give your sugar paste flowers the fragrance of their true beauty. FINER FILLINGS, a Gourmet selection of fillings. And most recent, A ROYAL MIX royal icing premix, tested and given a golden thumbs up by Pastry Chefs from around the globe! We are in LOVE with A Royal Mix! Trust us, it’s a pure joy to work with because it is fool-proof and tastes great. Just add confections sugar and water… and that’s it! We love this product because you can use it to create smaller batches, minimize waste and it does well in a variety of climates.

The 257g package contains 16 recipes and makes an impressive 8 pounds of Royal Icing for less than 50 percent of the cost of ready-made one-pound packages.

More Than Cake also offers Perfect Palette powdered flavorings. These products are gluten free, allergen free, no added sugar and have a long shelf life. In addition to flavoring royal icing, it can be used in fondant, buttercream, ice cream… you name it!

With flavors like Fireside Marshmallow, Peanut Butter (nut free), Bourbon (alcohol free), Raspberry and many more, you are sure to stand out above the rest.

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