Meet Michelle with Sugarprism Edible Acrylic Paint!

Meet Someone and something Revolutionary!

Meet Michelle Tincombe with Sugarprism! What a dynamo. After a job change and wanting to do a monet effect on a cake one night, she realized it was time for a real edible paint that could work and dry on all surfaces.  It  took 4 years but 2 patents later she is rolling with the first ever edible acrylic paint of its kind. This stuff is a dream to work with! Serioulsy. .Coming in a powdered form it lets you control the consistency and you can even dilute to airbrush. Versatile on fondant, buttercream, royal icing…you name it. It tastes fabulous and washes clean!

Don’t let painting intimidate you any longer…find out more on Sugarprism!

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See this Baby Yoda in action here!