CookieCon 2021 Wrap Up & Sweet Sugarbelle

WOW… What an amazing CookieCon 2021 in Dallas this past week!  We had such a great time meeting all the home bakers and amazing vendors, and seeing all our old friends, of course. We are already looking forward to the 10th CookieCon in Reno in March 2022!

This year the keynote speaker was Callye Alvarado, other wise known as Sweet Sugarbelle to all cookiers. Callye has captured the hearts of tens of thousands of cookiers around the world. She is known for her uncanny ability to see cookies in everything around her, and to transform mysterious cookie shapes into anything she needs. Callye calls this “Cookie Think,” and she will teach you how to train YOUR mind to see cookies in everyday objects too. If you think you aren’t creative… Just wait because she will change your mind!

In honor of CookieCon Dallas and the keynote speaker, our vendor and giveaway for the month of October is Sweet Sugarbelle!

Callye is first and formost a true artist who just happens to express herself through cookies. When she discovered cookie decorating, she felt that she had found her calling and never looked back.

Callye is pretty much obsessed with decorating cookies and it shows. Her mind is constantly looking at the world and thinking “I could make a cookie out of that.” Everything she sees becomes a cookie in her head and she can’t help but want to share cookies with the world. We’re talking worldwide cookie domination!

Callye, aka, Sweet Sugarbelle, has been able to share her cookie love at arts and crafts store Michaels by creating her own line of cutters and other magical cookie tools. We are so excited to be giving away one of her amazing cookie cutter set to one lucky home baker.

Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Cutters magically transform your cookies into multiple masterpieces! This set includes mini alphabet and numbers, new shape shifter cutters that you can easily shift into 100+ cookie designs! Get creative and use them for birthdays, parties, events, holidays, and so much more. (from


  • 80 pieces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food safe
  • Plastic


  • 40 shape cutters
  • 32 alphabet cutters
  • 8 number cutters