Vendor Spotlight for September:  All for Your Cakes & Bakery!

Let’s face it you need supplies to turn out amazing sugar art and you need lots of them! Don’t worry you don’t have to cross the rainbow to find them! All For Your Cakes & Bakery is located in the DFW area in Lewisville, Texas and they have everything you need and more.

All For Your Cakes is a small family business started by Adriana Hernandez and Shelly Prado, two sisters, they understand first hand the cake and pastry industry.

The journey began for the sisters when Adriana decided to take classes at a cake supply shop as a hobby. She fell in love with baking, as it took away the stress of her everyday work life. She began making cakes for family parties, as it gave her a way to perfect her craft while enabling her to share her creations with others. With people constantly asking if they could buy her products, she became inspired to start a home baking business. Not long after, Adriana realized people’s cake orders were piling up and she decided to leave her job to pursue baking full-time. But too soon she realized how complicated it was to acquire the
supplies needed for her many baking projects. It was a hassle for her, as she had to visit multiple stores to acquire them. Adriana struggled for years to get all the supplies needed to decorate her own cakes, and like many home bakers and housewives, she was getting frustrated and stressed every time she needed to get supplies. For many years she paid premium prices and drove to multiple locations to find all she needed. Adriana realized that she probably wasn’t the only one with this problem. She made a comment to her sister, Shelly, about how it would be a good idea to open a store through which we could provide essential products for home bakers, like her, in the area. In doing so, they would provide home bakers with all they needed for their projects and they could avoid the hassle of going to multiple locations to acquire their supplies. Without thinking too much about the hardships of starting a new business, the sisters put plans into motion and opened ‘All For Your Cakes‘ in May of 2012.

The sisters have made it their goal not to settle, to always trying to offer more and more vendors, more classes and more options for bakers. They are constantly bringing in new items to stay up to date with products and trends.  Above being unique, what makes All For Your Cakes different from the other businesses in the area is that they are always  looking to offering what people need. They recently moved to a larger location where they were able to open a bakery and have a larger classroom for their many classes. The classes that they offer vary from the basic buttercream, cookie decorating to the advance classes with special guest like sugar artist extraordinary Carla Puig and so many more! All For Your Cakes are excited to keep growing, keep teaching and to continue helping people better their talents through the classes and products they offer. They hope to continue inviting artists from all over the world so people can learn new techniques and trends that can help them with their own businesses. Check out their classes and sign up for one today!

Check out a list of their classes here:


(Copy for this blog post were pulled from the interview found in the Saracino magazine. For more on the sisters and their relationship with Saracino check out the online Saracino Magazine Februrary 2021 Issue: )