November Vendor of the Month: The Amazing Sugar Art!

The Sugar Art has fast become a leading favorite in the decoration world and it is no surprise why! The Sugar Art line of dusts and powders stand out.Their FDA Compliant and Kosher Certified Lines include: Master Elites™, Elite Dusts™, Sterling Pearls™ and DiamonDust™. Each line is 100% Edible and safe to consume, per FDA regulations and guidelines! No matter what line , they take your decorating to new heights! Check out their best applications for each of their unique lines below! Then start creating with The Sugar Art!



Most commonly referred to as “petal dust” in the baking industry. This line of color is perfect for TOPICAL application of your sugar work. You can dust, paint and even airbrush with Elite Dusts™!

Elite Dusts™ are also PERFECT for coloring CHOCOLATE, as they are the only fat soluble color we manufacture. If interested in coloring chocolate, it is best to pick the deepest tones – ensuring you will obtain a full range of color and receive the most “bang for your buck” with our small jars. When coloring chocolate with Elites™, you will want to choose the deepest tones we offer, as they are not as high-intensity as Master Elites™ and will take much more of the color to achieve various tones.


This highly pigmented product was solely created to color your sugar ingredients including: royal icing, fondant, buttercream, gum-paste, macaron batter, cake batter and cookie dough! The exception is CHOCOLATE, as ME’s require moisture to be activated and are not fat soluble. For coloring chocolate, please see our Elite Dust™ line!

Black and White Master Elites: We sell Black and White in larger jars, as it will take MORE of the color to achieve your desired tones. They are made from an FDA Compliant Oxide and are not as intensely pigmented as the remaining collection. Please visit Instagram IGTV and our Highlights for demonstration and additional education.

Master Elites™ achieve the most VIBRANT colors in the baking industry with just a touch of powder. Please Ed and Holly’s many demonstrations on Instagram / IGTV!


DiamonDust, the edible glitter that changed everything! FDA compliant and Kosher Certified edible glitter! Brilliant in sparkle, they achieve the most gorgeous glitter finish the industry has seen. DiamonDust™ must have MOISTURE to adhere and is best applied TOPICALLY. Do not attempt painting with this line, the mica particles are too large and will not paint smoothly on any surface.

  • Cookies: When spraying on icing, let the icing crust over and then apply. If you spray while the icing is wet – the mica will get lost and you will lose the glitter effect.
  • Macarons: Because macaron batter is dense, you are able to spray the DiamonDust™ before you bake! It will come out so shimmery, you will LOVE it!
  • Cakes: Spray DiamonDust™ on very fresh fondant, gum-paste or icing! It will maintain its shine due to the consistency of each ingredient.


Most commonly known as “luster dust,” our Sterling Pearl™ line provides the most beautiful shine and metallic finish when painted with vodka or high-proof alcohol! They are also incredible dry-dusted or airbrushed! And unlike the commonly used Highlighters in this industry, Sterling Pearls™ are FDA Compliant, Kosher Certified and SAFE TO CONSUME.


We no longer manufacture Highlighters, but will continue to provide proper education surrounding them. Highlighter in itself results in the most metallic finish when painted, however, they are not intended for consumption. We recommend using them solely on the decorative elements of your sugar work: gum-paste flowers, plaques, bows, etc. Pieces that will be REMOVED and not eaten.

When looking for a 100% edible gold or silver, please try our best selling Sterling Pearls: Wedding Gold™, Super Gold™, Golden Halo™ and Nu Silver™.

For more information and to watch some amazing videos on how to use their products check out their FAQ and their YouTube Channel!