We are in LOVE with Tweets Cookie Connection!

It’s is the month of love and we couldn’t love our February Vendor of the Month more! Tweets Cookie Connection by Teri Lewis!

Her food color pens are a cult favorite in the industry and it’s easy to see why with their quick drying formula making smudge free designs a reality. You will be hard pressed to fine a better fine point which opens the door to more delicate designs (plus they come in a brush tip too)! The best thing about Tweets though is Teri herself. Her love of sugar art and the bakers behind comes through as soon as you meet her. She’s a wealth of knowledge and always sharing her tips and tutorials.

Here is Teri in her own words about how she got started: I’ve always been one of those ‘artsy’ girls with a passion for whimsical design, painting, doodling, decorating, baking, connecting and sharing with people.

​After studying Art Therapy in College I started my career in Denver,  I married my longtime college sweetheart, Kasey.  A few years later,  we were blessed with two amazing kidlets… Chase and Kaela.  I knew there was no way I could work outside the home… so I decided I needed to create a way to do artsy projects to satisfy my inner-artist and the kids provided all the therapy!

For the next 20 years, I contracted my faux painting and floral design skills to the Interior Design Community in Denver and baked themed sugar cookies for every school, kid-sports team, holiday, church, and charity event known to mankind… Oh…and my huge family functions that were a weekly happening!  I was the ultimate volunteer and loved planning over-the-top parties for family, kids and corporate businesses!

Once the kids left the nest, I really wanted to paint, but on a smaller scale.  So… I launched tweets…cookie connection in 2012, using the cookie as my canvas and home cookie parties for building connections with friends, organizations and community businesses. I am proud to define my artisanship from the great Cookiers I’ve had the joy of learning from at Cookie Con and I am humbled by the design awards I’ve received from the Cookie Community! The past seven years have been an amazing journey… tweets…cookie connection has grown like crazy…morphing into new directions everyday! But none of this would be possible without my MOM. She has been my mentor, my supporter, and my inspiration since the beginning. Her charisma and class is infectious, making her the sweetest tweet the Cookie World has ever known. These days, I am instructing classes, working on new projects, creating custom cookies, and soon, debuting new products for all my tweet friends and cookiers.

Her pens now come not just in staple black but a rainbow of colors to let your creativity shine! And remember the are always completely SMUDGE-PROOF! What more could a baker want!?