Check out our favorite product for the month of April, 2022…DOT Cards!

What is a DOT Card?? The future of networking that replaces the paper business card with DOT. Share your social media, email, website, phone number instantly with DOT Card. For us small busy business owners this can be a game change because dot allows you to collect payments on the fly.


With a single tap share your Venmo, PayPal, Or Cash App when you are meeting with customers. Plus with just a one time purchase of a dot device, you skip the monthly fees that we are constantly juggling and enjoy a life full of seamless connections. Just like Easter Eggs they come in a variety of colors, mint, yellow, blue, black, green, red and purple! It simply attaches to the back of your phone and all you have to do is TAP to another person’s phone and they get all your info. NO APP Required- Android and IPhone. We are all about making marketing easier because we bakers have enough to think about. Make your potential customers hunt for Easter Eggs not YOU with DOT Card!