Meet Someone and Something Revolutionary! Welcome to the world of Isomalt and it’s reigning Queen Sidney Galpern. Sidney better known as Simi Cakes & Confections, takes sugar art to the next level with her knowledge and technique working with isomalt, even her own branded line Simi Isomalt!
The artistry of blown and pulled sugar may look intimidating, but Sidney can walk you through with the greatest of ease. Her Facebook page Simi Cakes & Confections, website and YouTube channel are full of kits, ideas and tutorials, like an adorable blown snowman that can make all the intimidation melt away. We met Sidney at CookieCon and walked away with a beautiful glass sugar butterfly in just a matter of minutes. She is a fabulous leader and gifted instructor ready to help you level up and master this technique. There is just so much you can do with Simi Isomalt from one-of-kind cake toppers to intricate cookie details, bubbles, eyeballs, and lollipops. Trust us… with Sidney at the wheel, you won’t be glassy-eyed working with isomalt.

Simi Isomalt is the clearest, brightest pre-cooked ready to use isomalt on the market.  We use only the very highest grade isomalt with no additives.  Sidney created the recipe after trying all of the isomalts on the market and various recipes and couldn’t get the results she wanted.  After testing her isomalt with hundreds of students and scientists, as well as sending it to chefs with varying weather conditions around the world to test, Sidney tweaked the recipe to get just what she loved to work with.  The results have been amazing!  Sidney’s recipe allows for maximum workability time, giving students longer intervals to work on their projects before the isomalt cools for ease of use.  Just heat, pour and go!  Why isomalt?  Instant gratification!  Isomalt dries quickly and goes right on your cake and out the door!