I’m ready to sign up but what do I need to provide regarding Cottage Food Laws?
You will need to provide documentation based on the requirements listed in your state’s cottage food laws. For example, Texas requires a Food Handlers card so please have a clear photo of your card to upload in your application. If your state requires a cottage food license to operate you will need to provide that as well

What if I don’t have any social media baking accounts? or a webpage?
Submit your completed application and we can review your information. We may be in contact for further information and referrals for your business. If you have a social media account not listed, please make sure and let us know as well.

How many images can I have and how big do they big do they need to be?
You can upload up to 10 images plus your logo! Each image can be up to 50mg. Size for your logo for best results is 300x300px at 300 DPI.

Can I upload pictures of copyrighted character cakes, cookies etc in my profile?
No, unless you have received specific permission to use a copyrighted image such as a business logo. We ask no copyrighted characters in your ten profile pictures. Obviously, you are able to do as you see fit within your own social media.

I bake in multiple categories. Do I have to have a picture for each category?
Your profile includes 10 photos. You are not required to have a picture for each category however it may helpful for consumers. Do keep in mind however, your instagram feed is directly imported to the profile.

Are there any other fees besides the monthly subscription cost?
Nope! We may have future products available for you but there will never be hidden fees.

What does Special Diet Category mean?
Great question! Do you offer products that are vegan, gluten free, allergen free, kosher, etc? If so, you will want to check this category and make sure to include a description of those services in your profile!

What if I am a baker, organization or business that only provides classes?
We are so pleased you are teaching! You simply can just check the classes category on sign up.  Please describe in the description information about what classes typer and skill level you offer!

What if I only offer baking supplies, custom molds, stencils, tools, etc?
Awesome! We are glad you are here! Please contact us through our Contact Page, we have things in the works! We would love to help bring exposure of your products to bakers!

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes, we would hate to see you go! However,Community Bakers is a month to month subscription that begins on the date you sign up. No contract and no cancellation fees.