Hi! I’m a self-taught part-time baker who loves decorating cookies! I teach high school history full-time so my students keep me up to date on what’s cool and fun. Mostly I specialize in custom-decorated sugar cookies with royal icing, but I love experimenting with different flavors. I’m still working on expanding my offerings; I can make cake pops, brownies, and drop cookies. But I do love experimenting so if you’re willing to try something with me, I’d love to help! I offer gluten and dairy free, but I am not a gluten free kitchen. Baking and decorating brings me joy and mindfulness. If you’re wondering about my business name, it rolled off my tongue like Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. 🙂 I want to help make your event Crumbelievable!

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My teaching hours means I'm best available for order communication after 4pm.